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The York Village Master Plan Report Documents, Final, April 2015

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This Master Plan Report document is intended for multiple audiences, each with distinct interests seeking various levels of information and/or guidance - from citizens with a cursory interest to community leaders with broad policy interests and responsibilities to engineers concerned with technical implementation. To address this full range of audiences the Plan document is in a 3-part format. The Summary Report contains visual representations of all key aspects of the plan and summaries of top considerations and recommendations in each topic area and can be printed as a standalone document. For broader and more in-depth information, nine Chapters follow on the topics addressed in the Plan. Back up and technical information can be found in the Appendix.

For best print results: print Comprehensive Report, Summary Report, and Appendix files double sided with landscape orientation, such that even pages are on the left and odd pages are on the right side.

Master Plan Comprehensive Report (full report, organized to be printed two sided including cover, landscape orientation)

Master Plan Proposal, Meetings, Presentations, and Reports

August 11, 2014, BOS Meeting: presentation re funding request for consulting contract with The Downtown Revitalization Collaborative (TDRC) for Master Plan Phase. Video, Presentation Text, Proposal, Graphics

August 28, 2014, Workshop, York Planning Board: Video (Discussion begins at 12 minutes), Text of YVSC Chair's Introductory Remarks

Sept. 18, 2014: Progress Update Memo (Draft) Traffic and Parking Study

Sept. 22, 2014: Master Plan Phase I, Progress Report #1. Text of YVSC Chair Message.

Nov. 18, 2014: Presentation to Large Non-Profit Village Stakeholders. This TDRC presentation was given to representatives from Museums of Old York, First Parish Church, York Public Library, and York Hospital. Included is a summary of the October 4 Community Design Workshop, one-on-one interviews between TDRC and individual Village business owners October 17 & 18, and a discussion of the process and progress of developing the master plan.

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Community Participation: A key component
of Master Plan development.

Strategy GraphicNov. 22, 2014: Second Community Design Workshop - Presentation This presentation was given at the second workshop. It includes a summary of the results from the first workshop on October 4, an update of the work done since then, describes three scenarios for development of the York Street/Long Sands Road intersection, and lays out the process for the day's small group discussions.

Dec. 4, 2014: Master Plan Phase I, Progress Report #2 to the Board of Selectmen.

4 Steps to Master Plan Development
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December 8, 2014, York Village Master Plan York Board of Selectmen 50% Progress Presentation #2: presentation to BOS on status of master plan development by Denis Lachman, The Downtown Revitalization Collaborative (TDRC) for Master Plan Phase. BOS meeting video. (presentation and discussion begins at approx. 34 minutes into meeting and runs 30 minutes.) Presentation Slides (PDF)

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February 7, 2015, Third Community Design Workshop - Presentation. This presentation was given at the third workshop. Over 100 hundred people were in attendance with about one third being first-time workshop participants. The presentation includes a summary of the results from the second workshop on November 22 and an update of the work done since. The focus of this workshop was to review the final two options for the York St/Long Sands Rd intersection design and a street scape plan for York St from the Bagel Basket to the Intersection. You can see some photos of the "action" on our Facebook page.

March 19, 2015: Master Plan Phase I, Progress Report #3 to the Board of Selectmen.

April, 2015: York Village Study Committee, 2015 Annual Report to Board of Selectmen

May 18, 2015: Presentation to Board of Selectmen and Request for Action On May 18th, the consultants from TDRC made a presentation of the plan's main features to the Board. At that time, the VSC asked the Selectmen to accept the Master Plan and to forward it to the Planning Board consideration of Village zoning and design standards consistent with the plan. This was approved.The BOS also authorized the VSC to work with TDRC to develop a proposal of work plan for the schematic design and construction document phases of the plan.

Documents & Media: Request for Action Document, TDRC Presentation Slides, BOS Meeting Video
(Presentation and discussion starts approximately 42 min. in and runs to 1hr 33min, inc. Q&A by Board)

For project documents beginning July 2015, go to the Schematic Design Library

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